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The RF WAGONLIFT mobile column lift for rail with revolutionary bogie supporting anvil

Looking for optimum flexibility and maximum productivity?

wlift-columnWith Stertil-Koni’s RF (Rail Freight) WAGONLIFT the wagon and bogies can be lifted simultaneously, leaving the wheels on the track. There is no need anymore to roll away the bogies to a different area of the workshop.

Interchangeable anvils

The beauty of the RF WAGONLIFT is that it is the only lift for the rolling stock lifting market which can be supplied according to your specifications due to the unique flexibility of design of the interchangeable anvils.

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Increased productivity and cost efficiency

Wheel changes are an important maintenance operation in a wagon workshop. How many wheels do you change annually and what is your total cost? With the RF WAGONLIFT:

  • Substantial reduction in labour hours
  • Increased number of wheel changes per day
  • Progammable lifting heights
  • Selectable lowering speeds
  • Flexibility – length and position
  • Robust, reliable and with low maintenance
The RF Wagonlift 20 minute wheel change
Versatility with unique bogie supporting anvil

The RF WAGONLIFT is the only lift in the rolling stock market whereby the wagon and bogies
can be lifted in one go with one single adaptorwlift-bogie

  • One solution for all types of wagons: open, covered, flat, tank
  • One solution for all variety of gauges: standard, wide, narrow
  • One solution for
    • Inspections (e.g. axle corrosion and mechanical damage check)
    • Maintenance (wheel set changes and general repair)
    • Manufacturing
  • Allows standard operation from any column
  • Simple controls
Wagonlift now ships with ebright control system as standard

All Stertil-Koni wireless column lifts now come fitted with the innovative ebright Smart Control System.

ST1085-iconsAdvantages of the ebright control include:

  • High Resolution 7″ touch screen
  • Up to 32 mobile columns fully synchronized in a single set
  • Wireless Mesh network with continuous active channel search offering optimal connectivity
  • Owner/User configurable system with user ID key
  • Warning & troubleshooting information
  • Intuitive controls with actual data about the lift

The ebright system is designed to expand in functionality with features constantly being added via free software upgrades. Read more about the ebright system here.

Options & Accessories

Accessories are available to ensure that the RF WAGONLIFT adheres to your workshop’s individual safety requirements. Options include:

  • Load weight indicators
  • Power lock-out system
  • Audible & visual movement alarm system
  • LED lighting

Some of Ikon’s major clients include Scania, Mack/Volvo, Cummins Diesel, Aurizon, Pacific National and Rio Tinto. Some of the locations where Ikon Lifting has installed WAGONLIFTs include:

  • Aurizon (Qld & WA)
  • Genesee & Wyoming (SA)
  • Pacific National (WA)
  • Rio Tinto (WA)

Wagonlift Features & Benefits

  • Fast lifting and lowering
  • No external power source required
  • Minimal setup time.
  • Up to 32 mobile columns fully synchronized in a single lifting set.
  • Standard operation from any column
  • Reliable hydraulic system with long life cycle technology
  • Lifetime guarantee on the synthetic runner wheel system
  • Continuous synchronisation within 15mm between the mobile column lifts
  • Suitable for all types of wagons: open, covered, flat, tank
  • Works with standard, wide and narrow guages
  • Can be used to perform variety of inspections (e.g. axle corrosion and mechanical damage check)
  • Maximum access to the wagon, with no risk of tripping
  • Deep cycle batteries can be charged with regular 230 VAC, and on average only need to be recharged approximately once every two weeks.
  • Hydraulic pallet jack mechanism with patented overload protection
  • Fixed synthetic front wheels lower floor loads (as compared to steel front wheels)
  • Patented “turtle” system with normal or reduced lowering speeds for greater control
  • No need to string cables overhead
  • Simple controls
  • A high resolution, brightly illuminated, full-color, 7” screen
  • Touch screen control, even when the technician is wearing gloves
  • Owner/user configurable options, including choice of language and personalized ID key to protect against unauthorized use
  • Presentation of all relevant information at a glance
  • The control boxes are standard IP 65 splash proof

Wagonlift Technical Specifications

Lifting Capacity8.5 tonne17.5 tonne
Lift SystemHydraulic lifting system with microprocessor-controlled synchronisation
Lifting HeightMaximum 185cm, automatic stop at the highest positionMaximum 206cm, automatic stop at the highest position
Lifting Speed1180mm per minute600mm per minute
Motor Rating3hp per column
3hp per column

Highest safety requirements

  • Independent mechanical locking system engages after 125mm lifting stroke.
  • Locking pawl engaged by gravity.
  • Locking profile with increments of 35mm
  • Automatic overload protection
  • Obstruction protection
  • Low voltage control panel
  • Emergency stop on each column

To find out more about the safety, versatility and cost effectiveness of Wagonlift, contact Ikon Lifting Equipment today.

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