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Diamond Lift high pressure telescopic piston lift for truck & bus

dlift-emptyStertil-Koni’s state-of-the-art DIAMOND LIFT is the easiest to use, most reliable and environmentally friendly piston lift. Like all diamonds, the Stertil-Koni DIAMOND LIFT is virtually indestructible.
The telescopic pistons protect all critical seals from potential damage by debris. Simple, intuitive controls make operation a breeze.

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Wide range of Applications

dlift-threeWith a lifting capacity of 15,000 kg per piston, the DIAMONDLIFT is an extremely versatile lifting solution. It comes standard-equipped with a full set of lifting adapters and can be installed in a 2 or 3 piston configuration, giving a total lifting capacity of 30 or 45 tonne respectively. The lifting height is 1855mm, providing easy access for even the tallest of mechanics.
The available horizontal travel range of the moveable pistons for the DIAMONDLIFT cassette versions is 3000 mm, 4000 mm or 5200 mm providing maximum flexibility for a wide range of commercial vehicles. For the frame versions multiple travel ranges are possible thanks to the modular configuration of frames.

Highly Durable Pistons

dlift-busThe DIAMONDLIFT telescopic pistons have all the critical seals by design inside, away from potential damage by debris. The piston rods are hard-chrome plated for maximum protection against corrosion and wear in the workshop. The moveable piston assembly and cover system is horizontally positioned using a hydraulically-driven inverted rack and pinion design.

Strong practical rolling covers that simply work

dlift-cartThe rolling covers of the moveable piston for both DIAMONDLIFT versions are specially designed and made of anodized aluminium with a skid-resistant surface. The rolling covers are capable of handling a wheel load of 6,000 kg as well as a point load of up to 3,400 kg on a 5 x 5 cm contact area (perfect when using either axle stands or transmission jacks). The covers use a continuous hinge system with no moving parts.

Covers are flush to the finished floor at all times, with no tripping hazard and the hydraulic drive system is self-aligning and self-cleaning.

Options & Accessories
  • Automatic wheel base positioning allowing relocation of lifting unit and storing up to 16 positions
  • Detachable wired remote control
  • Below grade wheel spotting dishes (comes standard for cassette version)
  • Liquid detection system (comes standard for cassette version)
  • Recess pockets with integrated covers (comes standard for cassette version)
  • More economical steel sliding cover plates (frames version only)

Diamond Lift Features & Benefits

  • 15,000 kg. capacity per piston
  • 45,000 kg. capacity in three piston configuration
  • Fully contained
  • No high power electrics below floor level
  • Locking systems can be accessed from floor level
  • Maintenance-free sliders position lifting units precisely without causing high point load
  • High pressure low oil volume hydraulics
  • Hard-chrome plated piston rods protect against corrosion and wear and have critical seals inside, away from potential damage by debris
  • Designed for use with bio-degradable hydraulic fluid
  • Aluminium trench covers with 6,000 kg. drive over load
  • Simple intuitive controls
  • Easy access for manual lowering (e.g. if there is a power outage)
  • High quality materials protect against electrolysis, corrosion, hazardous workshop fluids and soil contamination.
  • Manufacturer-approved plans for pit construction available on request
  • Electronically synchronized for maximum safety and convenience

Diamond Lift Technical Specifications

Diamond 64Diamond 96
Lifting Capacity30,000kg45,000kg
Lift SystemTelescopic hydraulic pistons
Lifting HeightMaximum 185cm, automatic stop at the highest position
Lifting Time90 seconds90 seconds
Motor Power3.7kW
Electrical supply3 phase, 208-230/460/575 volt
Compressed air supplyFiltered/regulated for 140 LPM at 6.2 bar

Highest safety requirements

  • ANSI/ALI-ALCTV certified (USA), CSA certified (Canada), CE certified (Europe).
  • Tough, skid-resistant covers are high load bearing (up to 6 tonne) and flush mounted to avoid tripping hazards
  • Programmable lifting height for low-ceiling workshops
  • Mechanical locking system that utilizes a hardened, nitro carburized locking rod to provide superior resistance to corrosion and wear.
  • Gravity engaged locking assembly allows lift to be lowered into a mechanically locked situation without placing undesired pressures on the piston seals
  • Locking system has increments of 75 mm with 21 locking positions starting from 220 mm from floor level (ideal for tyre bays).
  • Automatic overload protection.
  • Low voltage control panel.
  • Ultrasonic sensors provide real time synchronization.

To find out more about the safety, versatility and cost effectiveness of Diamond Lift, contact Ikon Lifting Equipment today.


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