Ikon Lifting Equipment

Four post heavy duty platform lifts for trucks and buses

The heavy duty lifts from Stertil-Koni are distinguished in the heavy segment by their innovative platform lifts design. This gives the customer wide flexibility in making the right choice. One of the most important features of the ST4175 and ST4250 is the absence of cross beams. This open structure gives maximum access to the lifted vehicle. The possibility now exists when installing the system to adapt the width of the setup to fit the vehicles to be serviced. There are three capacities available: 12 tonne, 17.5 tonne and 25 tonne.

The platform lifts are controlled by a programmable electronic system. The use of an LCD display makes it possible to review information reported by the system. One of the programmable functions is the maximum lifting height. Self-evident, of course, is the high degree of safety featured by these bus lifts and coach lifts. These bus/coach lifts also are fitted with the patented synthetic runner wheel system. This also contributes to the surprisingly low maintenance cost overhead.

4 Post Car Lift is Ideal for Automotive Enthusiasts

Ikon Lifting is your trusted source for an extensive range of high performing 4 post car lifts. Our 4 post car lift has been engineered to meet the strenuous demands of any car hoist job. 4 post car lift from Ikon Lifting is preferred by both professional automotive and home garages due to its versatile nature. To find out more about our heavy duty 4 post car lifts, give us a call at 0433139047.

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