Ikon Lifting Equipment

Mobile column, 4 post and skylifts for industry/construction

Ikon Lifting Equipment, specialists in hoists, mobile column lifts and wireless lifting solutions for Australian industrial and construction applications offer the following options for getting your heavy vehicle off the ground:


trucks_app1SKYLIFT Advantages:

  • Truly clear floor features with no crossbeams or obstructions between the lifting legs or platforms
  • Vertical lifting with no posts
  • No base frame
  • Lifts can be flush mounted or surface mounted
  • Four independent legs no matter the length of the platforms
  • Can be used in tandem configurations


ind_app24 Post Lift Advantages:

  • Safety of platform lift where wheels rest on drive-on platforms
  • Can handle many different wheelbases
  • Adjustable platforms
  • No crossbeams fore or aft
  • Can free-wheel with use of jacking beams


ind_app3Mobile Column Advantages:

  • Any bay is lifting bay/portable
  • Can be used outside, no installation
  • Single phase, three phase, or battery
  • Can lift any wheel base heavy duty vehicle
  • Excellent access to underside vehicle
  • Excellent for short term leases


Please feel free to contact us for any further advice.

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