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The Stertil Group provides customised and technically advanced solutions for heavy-duty lifting requirements in a variety of applications including rolling stock. We provide solutions for customers worldwide and the best possible service from local subsidiaries and skilled local partners. These superior solutions are conceived, developed and implemented by a team of professional specialists with unique expertise. Stertil-Koni is the worldwide market leader in the field of heavy-duty mobile column lifts. Stertil is present in 70 countries worldwide with subsidiaries and partners that can provide service and spare parts very quickly.

Stertil-Koni rolling Stock Solutions


With revolutionary bogie supporting anvil

Looking for optimum flexibility and maximum productivity……? With Stertil-Koni’s RF (Rail Freight) WAGONLIFT the wagon and bogies can be lifted simultaneously, leaving the wheels on the track. There is no need anymore to roll away the bogies to a different area of the workshop.

Safety first and foremost

providing a safe working environment is paramount in order to reduce industrial injuries. especially if working over an open pit:
•Wireless, no trip hazard
•easy to manoeuvre and position
•overload safety device
•independent mechanical locking system
•Several hydraulic safety systems
•lift can be lowered onto locks
•no slings
•no axle stands
•no overhead cranes
•no unnecessary moving of wheels, bogies or other heavy components across workshop floor

Versatility with unique bogie supporting anvil

the rF WaGonliFt is the only lift in the rolling stock market whereby the wagon and bogies can be lifted in one go with one single adaptor
•1 solution for all types of wagons: open, covered, flat, tank
•1 solution for all variety of gauges: standard, wide, narrow
•1 solution for
-inspections (e.g. axle corrosion and mechanical damage check)
-Maintenance (wheel set changes and general repair)
•allows standard operation from any column
•Simple controls

Increased productivity and cost efficiency

Wheel changes are an important maintenance operation in a wagon workshop. How many wheels do you change annually and what is your total cost? With the rF WaGonliFt:
•Substantial reduction in labour hours
•increased number of wheel changes per day
•progammable lifting heights
•Selectable lowering speeds
•Flexibility – length and position
•robust, reliable and with low maintenance

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Interchangeable anvils

The beauty of the RF WAGONLIFT is that it is the only lift for the rolling stock lifting market which can be supplied according to your specifications due to the unique flexibility of design of the interchangeable anvils.

Safety & usage Features : proven reliability and efficiency

Stertil-Koni mobile column lifts are designed with the user in mind. Ease of operation, reliable technology and extensive safety features are incorporated into the design.

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•Independent mechanical locking system. Engages after 122mm lifting stroke. Locking pawl engaged by gravity.
•Locking profile With increments of 35mm
•Lowering speed selector switch for more control with the patented “Turtle” switch
•Life time guarantee on the synthetic runner wheel system
•Emergency stop on each column
•Obstruction protection
•Low voltage control panel
•Continuous synchronisation within 15mm between the mobile column lifts
•Automatic overload protection
•Reliable hydraulic system with long life cycle technology


•Load weight indicators
•Power lock-out system
•Audible & visual movement alarm system
•LED lighting
•Active energy retrieval system

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Further information

For further information about the RF WAGONLIFT, or any of Stertil-Koni’s other top products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to assist you.


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