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The Stertil Group offers its clients around the world customised, technologically advanced solutions for all their heavy duty lifting and dock equipment needs. This includes the best possible service provided by strong local partners. These superior solutions are conceptualised, developed and implemented by a team of specialised professionals with unique expertise. Thanks to its ‘quality people’, its complete in-house production and its international organisation, Stertil-Koni is the “Number One” in the world when it comes to heavy duty vehicle lifts.

Stertil-Koni SKyliFT

In the market for vehicle lift platforms for trucks and buses, the Stertil-Koni SKYLIFT has ushered in a minor revolution and is now utilised by several hundred satisfied users around the world. It’s no wonder really, because this revolutionary lift concept combines the properties of the best traditional vehicle lifts with important new advantages.

Unique lifting system

The Stertil-Koni SKYLIFT is completely vertical in its lifting operation. There is no overhang, meaning that this lift takes up less space than a parallelogram vehicle lift. Due to the unique Y-shaped construction of the lift supports and base plates, the forces are diverted as effectively as possible. This allows for a relatively light construction. Furthermore, this Y-shaped construction allows ample room for free movement under the platforms. There are no cross beams, scissors or columns to get in the way. The mechanic is therefore able to move about freely under the platforms, something which is impossible with a traditional scissor lift.

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Economical and efficient

Thanks to its relatively light construction, the SKYLIFT is both reasonably priced and has lower installation costs (an installation frame is not necessary). And it’s not a problem if you move your workshop, because the lift can simply move with you.

Superior ease of operation

The SKYLIFT’s compact control box is user-friendly thanks to its highly simple and intuitive operation. The control system is fitted with a self-diagnosis system with an error code readout as standard.

In case of power failure, you can lower the lift manually. You can use the optional remote control setting to ensure that you have the best possible view during lifting and lowering operations.

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Designed with the user in mind

Safety, ease of use, efficiency and sustainability constituted the main criteria in the design of the SKYLIFT. This has resulted in the application of superior technology with a number of unique provisions.


Due to the precision engineered steel safety toothing, the lift is secured by the independent mechanical locking after raising only 90 mm from floor level. This guarantees maximum safety. Furthermore, the lift is fitted with an automatic safe- guard against overloading.

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Automatic synchronisation of the lift supports

All lift supports have an individual measuring system. As a result, the synchronisation of the lift is continuously monitored and minor corrections are made where neces- sary. The reliable and robust hydraulic lifting system requires virtually no maintenance.

Anti-slip plates

Special aluminium anti-slip plates are available which can be installed on the platforms. In addition to their anti-slip effect, these plates provide additional protection for the platforms and are aesthetically pleasing.


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Special solutions for special requirements

With the innovative SKYLIFT, Stertil-Koni can always develop a superior customised solution for you. The vehicle lift is available in various platform lengths (up to 14.5 metres). Do you want your platform to be even longer? No problem! We can simply install one behind the other in a tandem configuration.

up to 30 metres long and with a 70 tonne lifting capacity

With a special synchronisation set and a bridging piece between the two lifts, it is possible to use two SKYLIFT vehicle lifts safely and quickly as either a single long lift or simply as two individual lifts.

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In doing so, vehicle configurations of up to 30 metres in length and with a total weight of up to 70 tonnes can easily be lifted! The SKYLIFT is even flexible with regard to its width. During installation, the width between the platforms can be adjusted to the fleet of vehicles.

Extra flexibility with extensions

The platforms can be extended by mounting extensions on one or both sides of the platform. This option may be ordered prior to initial delivery or retrofitted following installation. These extensions are also available with an opening to allow turning plates to be inserted; this allows you to use the lift as an alignment lift.

Optional dimensions

The SKYLIFT is available in an extensive range of lifting capacities and platform lengths as standard (see back page). If the dimensions that you require are not listed, we will be happy to look at developing a customised solution together with you.

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Applicable in almost every situation

Do you want your vehicle lift to be flush-mounted, semi flush-mounted, or surface-mounted? Each option is possible with the SKYLIFT. You can take advantage of a generous maximum lifting height of 1.750 mm for each installation option making it a comfortable experience to work under the lift. In addition, you can programme the ideal lifting height yourself. For the fully flush-mounted variant, recess cover plates are also available which automatically raise up with the lift to fill in the recesses left behind. These hot-dip galvanised covers can cope with a load of up to 1,500 kg.

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Weather and wash-resistant model

Do you want to be able to work outside or in a steam- cleaning bay? Stertil-Koni has the perfect solution for this too in the form of the special Stertil-Koni wash bay SKYLIFT. This water-resistant model is supplied with fully hot-dip galvanised platforms, lift supports with an extremely resistant maritime coating and a watertight, lockable stain- less steel control box.

LED lighting

The special Stertil LED lighting available for this series consists of solid, transparent bars. They are virtually unbreakable and are as bright as conventional fluorescent tubes.

Jacking beams

In order to be able to lift the wheels of the vehicle from the platform, we offer a range of air-hydraulic jacking beams in lifting capacities of 12 or 16 tonnes. A separate brochure is available for this

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Modular drive-on ramps

For surface-mounted SKYLIFT models, segmented ramps are provided on one side of the lift as standard. They are extremely easy to extend with extra segments so that low-floor vehicles can drive onto the lift without any problems. The other sides of the platforms are fitted with an end stop as standard.

For flush-mounted SKYLIFT models, short ramps are provided as standard. These ramps also act as wheel chocks preventing the vehicle from rolling off the lift when it rises.

Operational features

•Vertical lifting
•Programmable lifting height
•Error diagnosis system
•Possibility to have the vehicle lift lowered manually in case of power failure


•Jacking beams available in 12 & 16 t capacity
•Wash bay model
•Air supply set
•Two speed lowering
•Remote control with 10 m cable
•LED lighting
•Anti-slip plates
•1250 mm long platform extensions
•Platform extensions suitable for wheel alignments
•Synchronisation set for tandem configuration
•Recess cover plates for flush-mounted models

Maximum safety

•ANSI/ALI-ALCTV certified (United States of America)
•CSA certified (Canada)
•CE certified (Europe)
•Low-voltage control box
•Automatic protection against overloading
•Independent mechanical locking, beginning at 90 mm above floor level
•Microprocessor-controlled synchronisation system

Technical information

Screenshot-2017-10-24 STERTIL B9328-Brochure Skylift-EU indd - Stertil_Koni_Skylift pdf(12)


Screenshot-2017-10-24 STERTIL B9328-Brochure Skylift-EU indd - Stertil_Koni_Skylift pdf(11)

More information

For more or specific information about the Stertil-Koni SKYLIFT or one of the other quality products provided by Stertil-Koni, please feel free to get in contact with us. We will be happy to help you.

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