Axle Stands

Stertil-Koni axle stands are available in 5 models.

They are available in various heights; low, mid and high with a capacity consisting of 8,500 – 12,000 kg each. The mid and high range models are foldable and can easily be positioned over a mobile column base frame.

•A fine adjustment option is available on all the axle stand models
•All of Stertil-Koni’s axle stands comply to the stringent ASME/PASE 2014 standard
•The axle stands are thoroughly tested with a static load based on 200% of the rated capacity
•Testing has been performed asymmetrically equal to rated capacity
•Spring loaded wheels, for easy positioning of the stand*
•Slider tube spring assembly for ultimate safety*

*standard available with delivery on JS-M and JS-H models

Axle Stands

JS-M8   &   JS-M12
JS-H8   &   JS-H12
Capacities  8,500 – 12,000 kg



Model: JS-L12

Type: fixed axle stand
Capacity: 12,000 kg
Height: 355 mm min. – 550 mm max.
Adjustable: 195 mm, 3 positions / 4 pin
stops Weight: 18.5 kg each

Models: JS-M8 & JS-M12

Type: foldable axle stand
Capacity: 8,500 kg & 12,000 kg
Height: 765 mm min. – 1290 mm max.
Adjustable: 525 mm, 7 positions / 8 pin stops
Weight: 37.5 kg, 46 kg each
Models: JS-H8 & JS-H12

Type: foldable axle stand
Capacity: 8,500 kg & 12,000 kg
Height: 1270 mm min. – 2020 mm max.
Adjustable: 750 mm, 10 positions / 11 pin stops
Weight: 57 kg, 72 kg each



-U-shape adaptor
-V-shape adaptor
-Fine adjustment (75 mm max.)
-Storage bracket for safe, easy, and space saving storage of the axle stand*

*only available for JS-M and JS-H models

More information?

For more specific information about these products or one of the other quality products from Stertil Koni, please contact us for further assistance.

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