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The Stertil group provides customised and technically advanced solutions for heavy-duty lifting requirements for customers throughout the World, including the best possible service from skilled local partners. These superior solutions are conceived, developed and implemented by a team of professional specialists with unique expertise. Thanks to the quality of its people, its entirely in-house production and its international organisation, Stertil is the World number one in heavy-duty vehicle lifts.

Stertil-Koni ST 4175 – 4250

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Optimum accessibility for the vehicle and the mechanic

Thanks to the lifting height of 1900 mm, the adjustable platforms and the unique design without any cross- beams, the mechanic has unrestricted access to the vehicle and an optimum working environment, allowing him to work comfortably in an upright position. Equipment such as a pit jack, axle supports or a gearbox jack can be put in place and used easily.

Innovative designs for maximum flexibility

Using the ST 4175 and ST 4250 four-post lifts, Stertil-Koni’s specialists have designed a superior solution for the heavy-duty vehicle sector, with lifting capacities of up to (2x) 25 tons. It stands out not only for the powerful and reliable lifting technology, but also for its innovative design. This design has a number of unique features: the very low drive-on height and the complete absence of any crossbeams. This means that the ST 4175 and the ST 4250 offer the greatest possible flexibility for working on heavier vehicles. The separation between the platforms can be adjusted easily to suit the platform width of the vehicle being lifted so that you can get the ideal configuration. The working space in the workshop is then utilized as economically as possible.

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Superior technology

The hydraulic system is electronically controlled. This ensures a smooth lifting and lowering cycle, even in the event of an extremely uneven load distribution of the vehicle. With the absence of wear-susceptible parts (eg ropes and pulleys) maintenance is reduced to a minimum. Other innovative features are the programmable lifting height, impact-resistant LED lights that switch on and off automatically just above floor level and a warning signal for foot protection.

Rapid lifting

The ST 4175 and ST 4250 have a lifting time of about 72 seconds, which makes these powerful 4-post lifts some of the quickest in the world in their class.

Maximum safety

The Stertil-Koni ST 4175 and the ST 4250 meet the most stringent safety requirements in the world. The CE (Europe), ALI-ETL (USA) and CSA (Canada) hallmark is standard.

Flexible installation width

The absence of any crossbeams between the platforms allows the ideal width to be set at the time of installation, ensuring easy access for personnel and for axle stands, transmission jacks etc. The platforms can be adjusted on both sides. This significantly extends the working range of the lift.

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Very low drive-on height

The wide platforms have an extremely low drive-on height. This means that low ground clearance vehicles can also drive on easily. The standard approach ramps have a unique and ingenious design and are not an obstruction during work.


The Stertil-Koni ST 4175 and ST 4250 have been designed for a long, problem-free life. They have been designed and tested for a least 50,000 lifts under maximum load.

Economic electricity consumption

Microprocessor controlled hydraulics and high efficiency electric motors give outstanding perform- ance and have very low energy consumption.

User-friendly operation

These heavy-duty 4-post lifts are easy to operate. The control panel is equipped with hold-to-run low voltage push buttons. The control system has a numerical on-board self-diagnostic programme providing information about the system status.

unique lifting height

Since the lifting height is 1900 mm, tall people can also work under the vehicle whilst standing upright. In this way back problems/injuries etc. can be prevented.



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Lifetime guarantee

The synthetic runner wheel system is self-lubricating and therefore does not require any maintenance. This runner wheel system comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Independent safeties

Mechanical: the patented mechanical locking sys- tem works entirely independently of the lifting system and is permanently enabled. The mechanical locking, which is activated by gravity alone, guarantees the highest safety levels.

Hydraulic: each lifting cylinder is fitted with an oil flow control valve that is enabled throughout the lifting process. An integrated overpressure valve is fitted as standard to prevent each lifting column from becoming overloaded.

The platforms are available in 6, 8, 9, 10 or 11.5 metres, offering maximum flexibility. This allows a very wide range of vehicles to be lifted.

Tandem configuration for articulated vehicles

Stertil’s intelligent solution for extra-long lifting problems, e.g. bendy buses or trucks with trailers: simply configure two 4-post lifts in line one behind the other in a tandem configuration with perfectly synchronised operation.

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Accessories & Options:

-Axle supports from 8 up to 20 tonne
-Jacking beam (for wheel-free maintenance e.g. brakes, suspension, tyres)
-Splash proof lighting set IP65
-Short approach ramps (recessed installation)
-Long fixed approach ramps
-Third platform (for lifting three wheel forklifts)
-Special versions with crossbeams allowing increased lifting capacity up to 30 tonnes.
-Custom RAL colour

Maximum safety:

-ANSI/ALI-ALCTV certified (United States of America)
-CSA certified (Canada)
-CE certified (Europe)
-Low voltage control cabinet
-Automatic overload protection
-Independent mechanical locking system
-Microprocessor-controlled tracking system
-Automatic stop when highest position is reached
-Dead-man’s operation
-Emergency switch on every control box
-Splash-proof electrical system (IP65)

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ST 4175 specifications

Lifting capacity: 17,500 kg
Lifting system: hydraulic
Lifting height: 1900 mm
Lifting time: 72 seconds
Motor: 4 x 2.2 kW
Weight: 3,500 kg (9m)

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ST 4250 specifications

Lifting capacity: 25,000 kg
Lifting system: hydraulic
Lifting height: 1900 mm
Lifting time: 72 seconds
Motor: 4 x 2.2 kW
Weight: 4,550 kg (9m)

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More information?

For more or specific information about the ST 4175, ST 4250 or one of the other quality products from Stertil-Koni, please contact us for further assistance.











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